Herbal Medicine for all Ages

Herbal medicine has something to offer during all stages of life. Medical herbalists are used to seeing patients from newborn babies right through to our elders in the third age and although our needs vary throughout life, the medical herbalist's approach is always to work in harmony with the whole body.


Parents are obviously concerned to obtain the best possible healthcare for their children. In general children respond very well to herbal medicine which works gently and supportively over a whole range of childhood illnesses from nappy rash and earache to teenage acne and everything in between.

Teenagers and Young Adults

Said by many to be the toughest years of a person’s life, the passage from being a child to young adulthood can be turbulent. It is a time when teenagers and young adults must deal with issues relating to identity, sexuality, and the maturation of the emerging Self. This occurs along with major changes in growth, physiology, metabolism and hormones. Herbs are excellent to use for this period of life as they greatly support and nourish the nervous and hormone system and help with a broad range of teenage difficulties from skin problems to deeper issues such as body image and self-esteem.

Adult & Third Age

As we age, it is inevitable that our health ultimately declines and our healthcare needs increase and intensify. The philosophies employed by medical herbalists, using herbs in concert to strengthen many systems simultaneously, are ideally suited to these increased needs.

It is well known that as the quantity of pharmaceutical medicines taken increases, so does the risk of side effects and drug interactions. Herbs are prescribed to work in co-operation with the body rather than to target specific symptoms. This reduces the risk of side effects.

Your medical herbalist is also aware of how herbs and drugs may work together and conversely which herbs and drugs do not partner well together. This is important as the complexity of healthcare increases. It is also important that there is good communication between your GP and medical herbalist to ensure the best of healthcare.

Source: The National Institute of Medical Herbalists.